The Big Bully

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I’ve never punched someone in the face. God knows I’ve wanted to. When I was younger I was quite small. My face just big enough to be a target, my body just small enough to be useless. I was a shrimpy kid tattooed with freckles, front teeth that parted ways like they were old enemies, and just enough body fat to get me to the street corner and back. Ok maybe just to the street corner.

The problem was I was beaten up almost every day and had to take the walk of shame to the Principal’s office. I should have been given a punch card for the place I was there so often. I thought about fighting back a lot, but never did. It’s not that I didn’t want to throw a haymaker, it ran deeper than that. It wasn’t the bloody noses or the wounded pride that bothered me, those I could live with. In fact they were great lessons. What worried me the most was:

What if I threw a punch and seriously hurt someone?

We live in an agressive culture, predicated on the notion that everyone is out to get you, sell you something, or take what’s yours. How can this not put in us a sense of being on guard, ready to swing when necessary? As christ-followers, are we just supposed to take the hits and not put up a fight? I don’t think so. Then the question becomes: How does God want us to respond to aggression, hostility, injustice, danger, and even death?

Here are a few principals and some scripture to help us through some of the situations.

Turn the other Cheek. Most of the time, when people say ‘turn the other cheek’ they are either suggesting someone to shrug off the punishment they are receiving, or to simply accept it in a non-violent way.

One of my favorite interpretations of this verse found in

Don’t be nice, be loving.
Let God give Justice.

Be passionate not agressive.