Getting the Position You’re Not Ready For

Kile’s BLog – Getting the Position You’re Not Ready for (interviewing part 1)

It may sound trivially obvious, but God is going to hand you a position you’re not ready for. You’re going to be stretched, become frustrated, have to learn a lot, be uncomfortably humbled and possibly ask God to send someone else. Here’s the catch – they’re going to be some of the most purposeful and blessed times in your life. Here’s how to prepare for it:

  • Prepare to receive – We have the fortunate benfit of learning from the people God used in the Bible. To be blunt, most of them weren’t prepared to recieve what God gave them. Paul was murdering Christians, Peter was out fishing every day, Matthew was extorting people, and Moses was handing out capital punishment and fleeing the city. Not exactly sought after interns for full-time Kingdom work. What we can learn from this is that God can and will come knocking, even if we aren’t ready. In the meantime we can educate ourselves, serve graciously, and get as much experience as we can – with the understanding it still won’t be enough. The best we can do is have our hands out and open, ready to receive.
  • Go with what you’re given – Scripture tells us that we have different gifts and experiences. Some have more than others, some have greater gifts than others. The point is we are given them and we should exercise them. Moses knew Egypt and the leadership well; Paul had a past he could use as a symbol of hope; Peter for all His flaws was fiercely loyal. They each leveraged their experiences and gifts in order to do great things for God. When we step outside of these gifts we can get ourselves into trouble, or worse: spend so much time trying to make a weakness a strength as to neglect our gifts entirely.
  • Become a disciple – When Moses lead the people out into the desert he was already an experienced leader leading half a milion people; however he still took the advice of Jethro his father-in-law in dealing with an issue that he was going about the wrong way. No matter how high in leadership we get, there’s always someone we can learn from. As early as you can, and as often as you can, be a disciple of someone whom you admire for their faith, knowledge, experience, and family health. It may not be right away, but you will use what they teach you eventually.
  • Stay on Target – Being a leader in the church means you’re going to upset comfortable people. Part of the gig when you get a position you’re not ready for, is you also have to lead people in a direction they may not be ready for. Some will welcome it as the change they’ve been waiting for, others will try to dissuade or ‘advise’ against this new direction. The difficult, but necessary part is to stay on target with where God is leading, instead of trying to be popular. God’s ways are usually not popular because the popular ways are usually not God’s.